Laura Rogers Piano Studio
Laura Rogers Piano Studio
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Why Lessons?


Your child will grow in confidence and satisfaction

as they see themselves successfully tackling new challenges, learning self discipline and perseverance, making new friends, and sharing music with others. Music lessons will give your child a greater appreciation for beauty. They’ll learn about history and other cultures. They’ll develop their fine motor skills and learn to listen to sound. And along the way, they’ll learn to work hard and have fun at the same time.


Laura’s lessons are engaging,
smart and fun!
— Uta L.



As a parent, you want your child to become confident and competent. 

You want teachers that will nurture them as they travel this path. With careful instruction, your child will feel empowered to meet new challenges and to set new goals. This builds true self esteem. 

For piano lessons to succeed, the parent will need to create an environment of success by committing to lesson attendance, communication with the teacher, a tuned acoustic piano, daily practice time, and a willingness to listen and encourage.
— Laura R.