Studio Policies



Private lessons will be held weekly and will be either 30 minutes (beginning students) or 45 minutes in length. Students will let themselves in through the side door next to the garage, remove shoes, throw away gum, and wash their hands before heading down to the studio. They should plan to arrive 15 minutes early, or stay after their lesson 15 minutes for independent lab time. I have a variety of musical apps that will be played on ipads, theory assignments with pencil and paper, and a digital piano for creative enjoyment and exploration.



Developing a daily practice habit is the key to good progress in piano lessons.

Beginners will be expected to practice 15-30 minutes per day. As lessons get longer, 45 minutes, so too should the practice time. Ideally, 45 minutes of practice is great for those students with a 45 minute lesson. Again, consistency is the key. 20 minutes every day is far better than 60 minutes of practice on two days. Missed days of practice cannot be made up!

Repetition plays a vital role in piano progress.

It may sound basic, but difficult passages, scales, and any other challenge, will be mastered if repeated with intention. Mindless repetition does not produce acceptable results. Your students will be taught to effectively use their practice time.

Parents will want to listen that their child is not playing pieces from beginning to end. This is generally not a good use of practice time. If you hear them playing songs over and over, ask them how they worked on it during their lesson. Music should be learned in small chunks, hands alone, backwards, forwards, and even upside down. In other words, songs “in progress” should not make much sense to the listener. Real practice can be rather annoying to listen to. However, the results will be very rewarding.



Playing piano is a wonderful, enriching endeavor but can sometimes be lonely.

Group classes provide opportunities for your student to engage with other piano students.

Using fun activities, they will hone their performance skills, learn theory, composition, and ear-training. Attendance is strongly encouraged and they are considered additional lessons.



Tuition will be charged for the school year (the end of August through May) and payable in 9 equal installments. There is a $10 per student enrollment fee due with the September payment. Missed lessons by students will not be credited or made up. Laura Rogers, teacher, will be allowed one missed lesson per school year, per student, for unforeseen circumstances. Beyond that, missed lessons due to teacher’s absence will be made up.

If the teacher misses more than one lesson, it will be made up on May 19, 20, or 21, 2020.

Music Purchases: Laura Rogers will purchase the necessary music for each student and then bill the parents. She will notify parents in advance so financial considerations can be anticipated.

Tuition for the 2019-20 school term will be $111.00 per month for 30 minute lessons; $162.00 per month for 45 minute lessons.

Your tuition covers 33 private lessons, 2 group classes, and one Spring Recital, beginning August 19, 2019 (Monday students) and ending May 18, 2020. Tuition is payable in 9 equal installments, due the 1st week of each month and non-refundable. Late payments, past the 20th of each month, will incur a $5.00 fee. Unpaid balances will not be carried beyond the month due, and will result in the cancellation of lessons until the account is cleared.


Summer lessons will be arranged on an individual basis, payable by the lesson.

Ala Carte” lesson rates for summer, 2020 will be: 30 min~$33.00, 45 min~$47.00.

If you take 4 lessons in the summer the rate is $30.00 and $45.00 per lesson.