Laura Rogers Piano Studio
Laura Rogers Piano Studio
Inspired Teaching. Inspired Music. Inspired Performance

The Studio



The student who comes to the Laura Rogers Piano Studio will find a dedicated piano teacher whose mission is to help each child develop their own voice of expression, to become a life long, independent learner and appreciator of music. 


Through private instruction, group classes, and technology-forward lab times, students will learn to play music that speaks to them.

She has an amazing way of crafting the lessons and music around the individual needs of each of my kids. I’ve never met anyone who puts so much thought and effort into ensuring that the kids are learning pieces that are interesting and motivating to them.
— Kate S.

Imagine a studio recital of diverse individuals expressing themselves 

through music.


There would be classical competition winners, beginners playing duets with a parent, teens playing country favorites, improvisers, and original compositions. Music is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor!

You have a gift for really connecting to each of our girls in a special way
— Clarice B.

Parents are always welcome to pop in and observe the lesson.


They’ll be expected to help the student find a regular practice time, they’ll help the child prioritize lesson times and performance opportunities, they’ll listen to their child’s practice and cheerlead, and when that child gets up to perform, they’ll beam with pride.




When the lesson is over...

Students will bounce down the studio steps full of confidence.

They will know exactly what their homework is and will have gained the tools to achieve their goals. Parents will have the privilege of listening to and supporting their children’s practice throughout the week.